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We make getting a Russian visa a breeze! 

Why Let's Russia is the Best Choice

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Since 2015, Let's Russia has lived and breathed Russian visas. Other companies charge more and offer subpar service.


Our team handles your documents. No outsourcing to 3rd parties like others do! This gives us more control & flexibility to meet your needs.


Need the full visa package? Need only submission & pick-up? Just need a visa invitation? With us you have choices & do it all from home.


We don't offer cookie-cutter service. There are lots of nuances with Russian visas & we assist in finding the best solution for you.

How it works

1. You Make an Order

2. We Help Prepare Docs

3. We Verify Your Docs

4. Mail Your Docs to Process

We submit your documents to the Russian consulate, pick them up and send your passport and new visa back to you.

You don't have to travel to a consulate yourself! 

Our Visa Services

Standard Service
You prepare docs. We apply.
Russian Visa from home
Step-by-step Instructions
Delivering & Submission
2-3 week processing
Consulate Fees INCLUDED
No-Hassle Service
We prepare docs. We apply.
Russian Visa from home
Concierge Service
Tourist invitation included
We complete ALL paperwork
Consulate Fees INCLUDED
Tourist Invitation Only
You apply yourself.
Verified Tourist Invitation
Tourist Voucher
Delivery by Email
Get within 24 hours
*This is not a visa


How much are the Russian consulate fees?

Russian consulate fees for US passport holders are INCLUDED our service fees above. They vary based on citizenship. For US passport holders the fee is $198 for any type of visa. That's why we recommend applying for a multi-entry visa for up to 3 years. 

What's the difference between the Standard and No-Hassle services?

The Standard and No-Hassle services both get you a Russian visa from your home or office. The No-Hassle Service saves you 2 hours of time preparing documents, includes a tourist invitation letter, passport photo printout and a dedicated manager.

Will I need a tourist invitation letter?

Yes. A Russian visa is granted on the basis of an invitation letter. It is required if you don't have your own. We do provide tourist and business invitation letters. 

How fast can I get a Russian visa?

You can choose a processing time of 11 business days or 15 business days. Under some circumstances, we can expedite your request. Just reach out to us in rush situations. 

Where is your office located?

We process Russian visas in Houston, Texas at the Russian consulate near our office. 
We also process Russian visas in Bonn, Germany for our US passport holders living outside the United States or any residents of Germany. 

How do I send my documents to Let's Russia?

When you order one of our visas services, you'll choose the type of shipping you would like, 2-day or overnight. 

Once you have your documents ready to send out, you'll get a shipping label from us. You use that to ship off your documents safely and securely. 

Our Offices in the USA, Germany and Beyond

Let's Russia processes visas in Houston, Texas (USA) and Bonn, Germany. If you are a resident or passport holder of America or Germany, we can get you a Russian visa regardless of where you are located. There's no need for you to travel to a Russian consulate.

We also operate in Canada and Turkey. 

Houston serves US residents in North America (USA, Canada, Mexco and beyond)
Bonn serves German residents & US citizens in Europe, Asia and Middle East. 
Antalya serves Turkish residents
Toronto serves Canadian residents

Applying for a Russian visa from a different country?

No problem! Purchase a tourist or business invitation letter below and we'll give you further instructions on how to apply for a tourist or business visa at a Russian consulate or visa center near you! 

Get a Russian tourist visa for 30 to 90 days, either single or double entry. 

Get a short-term business visa for up to 90 days or a long-term, multi-entry visa from 6 months and longer.

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